BF 109 Emil Skins

BF 109 E1

Description: Battle of Britain
5 Skin versions
(Also includes "unit only", as well as blank versions)
Date: 2010-12-13
Skin : I./JG 53_Mad

Bf 109E JG7./27 Olt. Fischer crash-landed Windsor Park Sep 30 1940 01-02
Photo’s 01-02: Oblt. Karl Fischer of 7./JG27 was flying a bomber escort mission on 30 September when, on the way to the target, the formation was attacked by fighters. Although this aircraft became involved in a dogfight, combat was broken off and Fischer was unaware that his aircraft had been hit until an RGf message from his Rottenflieger informed him that his aircraft was streaming a white petrol plume. Looking at his fuel gauge, Fischer saw that his tank was almost empty so he made a forced landing in Windsor Great Park, during which the aircraft overturned but was little damaged.

Bf 109 E1  7./JG27 Olt. Fischer White 9

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